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  • Just B
    Just B wrote:

    someone used to tell me in the world circle  the life meaning is::

    MEN and WOMEN keep searching each other!..

    but the way ppl use is quitely different...

    did u find urs ?how to search..?

    what interesting things happened when u r dating ?

    what embarrassing things happened when u r dating ?

    what wierd things happened when u r dating ?

    what's  impressed in is ur love story?

    what problems r u facing with ur relation?




  • Yanni
    Yanni wrote:

    we can get the chance meeting others very often,but hardly find the right one...

  • Yanni
    Yanni wrote:

    i meant that we will have the chances to meet the people if going out,also could talk to them,but to make friend or serious relationship it's not that easy...

  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:

    Just B. Too compacted questions. 

    It's a natural thing to meet someone in life whom u can feel. There's no propre formula to meeting people. People can meet in the bus, in the train even in the air as u gave ur QQ to that guy.

    I met a couple one day, I asked the hubby, how did u meet? He replied: In the taxi. I said what? In Beijing! How can u meet in the taxi? The hubby told me. I entered in the taxi and I looked at her, and she was pretty. The I asked him. U fell in love just within 10 min? He said no! It was within 5 min!

    The thing some people don't get a soulmate sometime it's due to setting a standard that is too high to reach.

    Some girls think that when people tell them oh! U r cute, pretty, they think they can find a love easily. That's not how I see it. The same goes with guys. I've friends with pretty gf, but each night they keep on fighting.

    I'd like to say that character is very important and other values. Setting standars like 190cm, blue eyes, rich, white, blue, purple, these are trivials stuff.

    Overall, anyone can find a lover. Never believe in love at first sight, it doesn't exist. Love develops, love grows.

    High Priest

  • Vanessa Cheung

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