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    Cheer You Up Club
    —— Personal Development Program for international students

    We are graduate students from the clinical and counselling psychology lab in the department of psychology of Tsinghua University. We organises growth groups for international students who are studying in Beijing. Members of these groups meet once a week to share cross-cultural experiences, personal thoughts, and feelings in a relaxed atmosphere.

    They are required to have basic Chinese language ability and the main activities are based nonverbal artwork making process. Art therapy is an established mental health profession that uses the creative process of art making to improve and enhance the physical mental and emotional well-being.This process incorporates visual art such as drawing, painting, sculpture, etc. Many kinds of materials are used during the session. The cross-cultural growth groups were facilitated with participants from dozens of countries throughout the world.

    Why Join a Cross-cultural Growth Group?
    You can…
    • Make friends from all over the world
    • Expand your cross-cultural understanding
    • Give and receive support for difficulties you may be having
    • Help each other to make your study abroad experience successful
    • Develop self-awareness of your own cultural background
    • Become more creative as an artist
    • Get an idea what Art Therapy is
    • Express yourself in a new way
    What past Participants Have Said About Our Groups
    • "It's a grow up activity and I really grow up. Far out!"
    • “It is much better than I could have imagined.”
    • "I don't want it to end....."
    • "Feels like home. We are a family."
    • "Art can be so interesting and related to myself. I did not know that!"
    • On a scale from 1-7, most members rated the group experience as either 7 (very satisfied) or 6 (satisfied)!
    Fall 2011 Semester:
    International students are invited to join our new cross-cultural growth groups for the Fall 2011 semester. Several groups will be formed—each with a consistent meeting time. The groups will begin late in October and continue through December 2011.
    Each group will have one leader with group facilitation experience. Two graduate students will assist. 

    To join a group, you must:
    (1) submit to us an application(via mobile phone or email) by Sunday, Oct 23rd., 2011.
    (2) complete an individual interview with a staff person.
    After we receives your application, you will be contacted to arrange an interview.

    How To Contact?


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