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     What's poppin LOCKOUT ?? Pre-reason already canceled. 2 weeks of regular season also  going down the drain as players and owners have been unable to come to an agreement over contract renewals. No new negotiations have been scheduled, but both sides will have to move quickly: if no deal is reached by Monday, then the first two weeks of regular-season play will also be canceled.

    The big issue remains the split of “basketball related income” (BRI), which is basically all the money that comes into the league through tickets, television and other sources (like a percentage of arena sponsorship)

     NBA LOVERS like myself know exactly what is going on. And it is very heart breaking if you ask me. Sure it's all about the numbers(money) but I am sure some kind of mutual agreements can be signed, for the love of the game at least.

    Well, boys, it’s come-to-Jesus time.

    It’s time to put away the egos and take out the calculators. It’s time to take David Stern’s pointer finger, Dwyane Wade’s audacity, Dan Gilbert’s comic sans, Kevin Garnett’s scowl, the hard cap, the second mid-level exception, the roll backs, and stick them all in Mrs. Sarver’s purse. And then bury it all deep in an abandoned mine shaft.

    It’s time for Stern to wrangle up the cats, and it’s time for player union heads Derek Fisher and Billy Hunter to bring in the rank and file. It’s time for each to end the rhetoric and the spin, and tell their constituencies straight up that not taking one more step towards each other is simply a lose/lose proposition.

    It’s time for everyone to learn and understand what “Pyrrhic victory” means..



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