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  • Wanderer
    Wanderer wrote:
    <p>A long shot</p> <p>Does anyone know of any free software available to dowload that can recognise chinese characters that a written on screen with a mouse. I sometimes find characters I don't recognise and want to be able to&nbsp;draw the character on screen and then software to tell me the pinyin/translation. I know there is an Apple application (RIP Steve Jobs) which does something like this; but is there a PC download that is compatiable with a mouse.</p> <p>Many thanks!</p>
  • Father Of Boring


    There's a mobile app too.

  • Father Of Boring

    Yeah, NJ Star is...meh.  If you want really free, Wenlin is all over torrent, you just have to find it...with something like torrentz.eu...

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