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  • Skaught
    Skaught wrote:

    Kim Jong-il's grandson

    South Korean media discovered Kim Jong-Il's grandson's Facebook page on Saturday. Turns out he's just a geeky high schooler who likes American movies and gets in flame wars.

    The photo above, Kim captioned with comment, "I'm going to miss you so much." The woman responded with her own comment saying "I love you too, yeobo" ("yeobo" being the way a Korean husband and wife address each other, though probably out of context given Kim's youthful age).

    "Love Actually" and "Remember the Titans" are his favorite movies, and his interests are traveling, photography and "spa."

    Han Sol does share Kim Jong Il's distate for Americans, as evidenced by a long flame war with someone named NickyAmerica in the comments section of a YouTube video posted to North Korea's official account.

    "Fuck off fatty," he tells NickyAmerica…. "go drop your cigarette and your cheesburger and go read a book. I'd suggest you to go study some geography."

    He lives in Macau and mainland.

    Article at Gawker

  • Simen Wangberg

    Pretty sure I got a haircut from this guy last year. Did an okay job, took a little too much off the sides but it was alright. At least I didn't end up looking like an anime character.

  • Father Of Boring

    If Grandpa wasn't so senile, he'd be pissed!

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