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  • Matt
    Matt wrote:
    <p>Hey, guys, I really love this song and hope I can make a cd-quality record of this song in a studio. Anyone can help? I can sing it very well. but I don't know how to record it.</p> <p>BTW, I'm an amature singer with&nbsp;an acceptable voice. if you are interested, let me try on your team.</p> <p>Please leave me a line and call me. 15110053238, Matt.</p>
  • Fernando Fidanza

    1st So what! Talent Compilation

    Record one song in our studio, from recording to editing, 500 Rmb, and be part of the 1st So what! Talent Compilation.

    A cd and a concert will follow

  • Simen Wangberg

    Yeah, I'm sure all the cover bands that play nightly in Houhai have made sure to contact the respective managers of the artists who originally wrote the songs they play.


    But this is China! You want DVD? Copy watch? I get it for you. Friend price.

    No one would EVER do anything like that in the United States.

  • Simen Wangberg


    Is it, though? I think technically, cover bands are supposed to get that kind of permission too, but...yeah. No one ever actually does that, so...

  • Fernando Fidanza

    sorry to intervene,

    but you can record all the songs that you want, even the most famous hit as soon as you don-t sell the cd.

    But if you want to give the cd for free there is no problem.



  • Ecce Marce
    Ecce Marce wrote:

    You dont have to pay any copy right if you record for your private use which also includes that you make several copies and give it to your friends as present. If you want to sell it, you should pay copy right.

  • Ecce Marce
    Ecce Marce wrote:

    for example because it is a birthday present for his gf or 100 other reasons. But I am not going to explain nonmaterialism to a materialist.

  • Ecce Marce
    Ecce Marce wrote:

    i think its a poor investment

    god. This poor guy still dont understand that not every person only do things for money.

  • Simen Wangberg

    Yeah I dunno man, I never sold anything that I recorded. Or if I did, it was for like a dollar or two at a local show cos CD-Rs are so cheap anyway. I don't even remember the last time I paid for a CD, local or otherwise. People just give that shit away anymore these days.

    I don't think I would even consider charging for my music at this point in time unless someone could demonstrate to me that it would be worth it to do so. The amount of CDs I would have to sell to recoup recording expenses, at a price low enough for me to even consider, would be enormous. So I just wouldn't even bother. Just give that shit away. I've never known anyone who has ever made any kind of real money from their recordings - it's the T-shirts and a cut of the door, that's the money.

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