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  • yashir
    yashir wrote:
    <pre>A bus, and rugged mountain path, the day was driving the dark. The man from sleep wake up......<br />Suddenly, he found that, on the car of the tourists were gone, even the driver disappeared, and the car but slowly along the mountain road!<br />The man was a quiver, loudly shout a way: "a ghost! Ghost!"<br />"Have you head," suddenly heard a car window, "the car broke down, we are on the bottom push, you a person to sleep." </pre> <pre>一辆旅游大巴,在崎岖的山道上行驶着,天渐渐地暗下来了。 车上的男子从睡梦中醒来&hellip;&hellip;<br />突然,他发现,车上的游客都不见了,就连司机也消失了, 而这车却沿着山路缓慢地行驶着!<br />男子浑身一颤,大声喊道:&ldquo;有鬼!有鬼啊!&rdquo;<br />&ldquo;有你个头,&rdquo;突然车窗外传来声音, &ldquo;车坏了,我们都在下面推,就你一个人睡觉。&rdquo; 有你个头=Have you head;What should be said?</pre>
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