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  • Eivind
    Eivind wrote:
    <p>anywhere in beijing they sell retro games? like super famicom(snes) etc?</p>
  • DonkeyTonk
    DonkeyTonk wrote:

    You could try the big indoor market next to the east side of hohai. They are all fake but work just fine!

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    Whatsamatter? Emulators not satisfying the purist in you?

  • Simen Wangberg

    They sell a lot of canned goods in most of the supermarkets here. I guess it would be an easy thing to purchase a canned product, empty out the contents, go outside and kick the can around.

    Is that what you're talking about?

    I also have a wooden hoop and a stick in my closet, if you're interested.

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