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  • lkkkj
    lkkkj wrote:

    Please listen until the end!

    Last night, I went out and had some shit drinks! ( my head is dizzy now! )

    I got drunk and came home and fall asleep immidietly!

    and in the morning someone asked me that why was my cell phone turned off last night!

    I was sooooooooooo paniced becos I never turn off my phone and turned off cell phone means lost cell phone! O_O

    I looked up my bag and pocket...there was no phone......

    I felt like loser becos I lost my cell phone only few weeks ago when I was drunk....

    I felt like stupid absud about myself and all...you know....shameful....

    I was like, what the fuck

    I was so upset.....

    (I lost a lot of cell phones , ----not other things, but I just lost cell phones! ----before and when I bought last one, I swear to myself I will be real careful! )

    and I lost all the hope....



    but when my brother called me just now

    I heard ringing in my room!





    Oh My God!

    big XD




    There was my phone....in my bed...




    I'm still hang over but I'm so excited like I'm on stimulants!

    SO I needed to express!

    Thanks for the reading!

  • Ajantha Manohar

    HEY CONGRATS !! (:  

    Although expensive, the tend of lose phones when u get drunk is better than the tend of lose panties when u get drunk

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