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  • Saint - Spartacus
    Saint - Spartacus wrote:

    girls/women, will you broke up with your bf if he refused your Propose?

    guys/men, will you broke up with your gf if she refused your Propose?

  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:

    If the intention of the relationship was for us to get married yes.

    There should be always a relationship definition. Some people would say, we are just together and we won't have any plan for marriage, this relationship can end at anytime and no one will have remorse. But if doors are open and once a partner feels the need of moving forward and the other partners refuses, better stop.

    We've got to know that relationship grows. From casual relationship to love.. to engagement...to marriage...but all depends on how people have defined their relationship

    High Priest

  • Saint - Spartacus

    that's very individual

    it's rather an agreement form both side, and if one break the rule , game's over.

    but i guess there always an adaptation or extension in some cases.

    even i never seen such a divert comedie

  • Linn Nesse
    Linn Nesse wrote:

    that made me remind of bill cliton, who proposed more than 10 times

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