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  • Bryan (賴宏杰)
    Bryan (賴宏杰) wrote:
    <p>Do Chinese have any preference or dislike about foreigners speaking Chinese with varying Chinese accents?&nbsp; I mean, if they don't speak Chinese with an American accent, but maybe speak with Shanghai Accent, Taiwan Accent, Beijing Accent, Hong Kong Accent, etc.&nbsp; And&nbsp;is a foreigner who speaks with any kind of Chinese accent over a foreign accent more welcomed by Chinese people?</p>
  • Bryan (賴宏杰)

    yeah, beijing accent is quite tough.  for me, i've been told i speak with a taiwan accent. 

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahaha ... my Mandarin is made up of random Cantonese and Taiwanese pronunciations ... in fact, so is my English, which is made up of British, American and Australian, probably some NZ in there somewhere ...

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen wrote:

    this is so funny 

    my best friend from canada

    he has HENAN  ACCENT!

    i always make joke on him of this

  • Bryan (賴宏杰)

    Kevin, is it because you don't like Henan accent?  Or because you think it's funny that he has a Chinese accent while speaking Chinese even though he is Canadian?  o.O

  • Aurélien
    Aurélien wrote:

    Henan accent is pretty fun, but my favorite is the Dongbeihua and it's 脏话。


     And is a foreigner who speaks with any kind of Chinese accent over a foreign accent more welcomed by Chinese people?

    Yeah for sure. They'll fucking love you if you can speak some of them slang or stuff. 

    Also lol, Taiwan accent. Dirty 南方人~~ 北方人儿Master race here.

  • Yanni
    Yanni wrote:

    it's not bothering so much as we can understand...

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahaha ... and I am a foreign Chinese, not only because of my accent, but because I grew up in the south ... sorry, I know, this is an old old joke ...

  • Bryan (賴宏杰)

    Just B, a foreigner speaking fluent chinese will make you feel uncomfortable?  o.O  That's interesting.  I never found a foreigner speaking fluent English to make me uncomfortable.  but to each their own. 

    Aurélien: what's wrong with southern chinese accents?  o.O

  • Ejdnzlaj
    Ejdnzlaj wrote:

    Speaking a dialects words isn't the same as not speaking with an accent. Me and this woman on a train once had lots of fun doing impressions of Americans speaking Chinese and various nationalities speaking English. 

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen wrote:


    because HENAN has very special meaning in china

  • Mari Vidste
    Mari Vidste wrote:

    well ,if a foreigner speaks chinese not so well, i feel its cute,,but if he speaks too well ,it will make me feel uncomfortable..

    "Uncomfortable?" Guess what? Fuck you and your comfort level, you retarded bitch.

  • Bryan (賴宏杰)

    高地人 while i have no problem with beijing accent, you are right.  It was my biggest pet peeve learning chinese in the US.  At least at my school they teach it as if it is the standard of the majority of chinese speakers and never explain that it's basically only in beijing.  Having more background and exposure than most of my classmates, I often questioned things like that.  Much of my exposure with Chinese had been with people from Taiwan and Hong Kong, and a few southern chinese.  This subsequently influenced my speaking accent.  I had one american student correct me, and I wanted to be like dude, go fucking correct a native speaker who doesn't speak beijing accent and see if they don't fuck you up.  Idiots. 

  • Father Of Boring

    I have to be honest, I'm happiest to meet people who speak both.

  • Gunhild Stamnæs

    I think foreigners speaking chinese with a strong Beijing accent sound really annoying...

  • Bryan (賴宏杰)

    Astaroth:  you know Americans that speak Taiwanese (the dialect)?!  or do you mean you know americans who speak with very Taiwanese accent (guo yu)?  I'd be amazed if i encountered Americans who spoke min nan hua, guang dong hua, etc.  I mean, I speak with a Taiwanese accent, but I don't speak min nan hua (Taiwanese dialect). 

    Coco:  if you're talking about english accent, than no.  but if you're talking about americans speaking chinese, mostly yes i think.  Most americans who "know" chinese couldn't understand my chinese because it wasn't the "standard" beijing accent we were taught.  but native speakers usually understand me, but non-taiwanese usually comment about how i have a taiwanese accent. 

  • Ataahua
    Ataahua wrote:

    have some russian girl friends in bj who speak with dong bei accent, acturally thats very awesome~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Pavoir Sponse
    Pavoir Sponse wrote:

    A Yank acquaintance of mine, who's an actor over here on acoount of his excellent Mandarin, speaks with a near perfect heavy Beijing accent. I know several Chinese girls who absolutely hate his accent.

    Personally, all foreigners who speak great Chinese really piss me off; I have the urge to burn them with cigarettes.

  • Desiree_D
    Desiree_D wrote:

    Some foreigners are trying too hard to imitate Beijing accent, esp. "er".  It sounds very strange.

  • Pavoir Sponse
    Pavoir Sponse wrote:

    Apparently he speaks it so well he sounds fake. Quite the paradox...

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