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  • Tookie
    Tookie wrote:

    In some countries its possible to hide my number when I make call with cell phone . but I've never seen that in china. however, few months ago i recieved some calls who hide their numbers.(XXX XXXXXX) and I asked the cell phone store, they told me it's impossible in china. so I was wondering is it possible here if someone download some application or call from overseas?

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    each time I call a China number, the receiver sees a random HK number (or XXXX)... just a phone setting...

    Why do you wanna hide your number anyway? planning to play one on GodFather? :P

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    Well, I said it before, iPhone Sucks

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    iPhone can't

    I think those people who call you use some kinda IP service (or they call from the computer). However though, it's still possible to hide number on your own phone / line... I used to do it every first time I called a wrong crush

    P.S: My internet connection sucks today... It's taking 4 mins to load each reply... add my QQ to talk about this in realtime

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    Skype will not be convenient except you always have a WiFi around or use 3G in which case the internet service + skype credits on the call would not be worth it

    Except of course you have a Limited country / Limited world subscription

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    What phone do you use?

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    Your best bet is to block all hidden numbers... in that way you can avoid the good the bad and the ugly...


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