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  • Skaught
    Skaught wrote:

    As a Southern Californian, probably my biggest complaint with living in China is lack of Mexican food. In LA, the cheap "street food" is Mexicans in a taco truck equipped with a full kitchen.

    As for Mexican fast food, Taco Bell is about as authentic as Panda Express is for Chinese food, but myself and all my friends fell in love with Chipotle. It's basically like Subway, but for burritos instead of sandwiches. Pretty high quality, delicious, have-it-your-way, and cheap. Last time I went home, Chipotle was the first stop after the airport.

    As for the Mexican restaurants in Beijing, they're all expensive and severely lacking. Chinese people just can't do it right. Mexican food needs shit tons of dairy products, which are always expensive in China, so managers constantly skimp on the cheese and sour cream, so it usually just sucks.

    So someone just opened a Chiptole clone in Wudaokou. Some friends and I wandered in there last night to give it a try. The manager is this American-Chinese girl. Never before in China have I had an conversation with the proprietor of a restaurant.

    Anyway, she really is trying to make it like Chipotle, and she's on the right track. My biggest complaints were lack of sour cream (American Chipotle just pours the stuff on), and no chance to instruct the burrito-maker on what to put in it, so I got a bunch of peppers I don't really like. My friend went back for seconds.

    This girl rented a big space in Wudaokou, the place is brand new, huge, and really nicely-decorated. AND, it's cheaper than almost every other Mexican place in China. The full "meal" with drink is barely over 30rmb. Frankly, I can't imagine that this restaurant endeavor is going to survive (Chinese people just can't get into Mexican), so I'm asking you, WLIB Wudaokouers (I'm looking at you, Pete Mcbrostein), to go try it. I prefer that the restaurant survives as long as possible because I like that kind of food, but I can't support it alone.

    (I think I was the lone supporter of Doritos' foray into Chinese supermarkets, and although I absolutely cleaned out every store I could find, Doritos are already gone.)

    It's maybe 200 meters west of the Wudaokou subway, north side of the street, just past the KFC, walking towards Google/Microsoft buildings. The name is "The Avocado Tree."

    I swear I'm not affiliated with them whatsoever.

  • Silje Linnerud

    I love sour cream!!!!!!!

  • Shane
    Shane wrote:

    I've been there.... Great idea, but dont think it will catch on in China.

    Also a bit overpriced although as the poster says it can still be considered cheap among most mexican restaurants.

  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:

    Good informacial Scott. I'm gonna drop there. And how much do u get paid?

    High Priest

  • Christian Hansen

    For mexican food the closest thing I have found is in the food court of Oriental plaza (recently moved to the food court of Viva plaza) they have "real" tacos al pastor and quesadillas, by your description of Chipotle I am afraid that mexican community in Beijing would not support it neither.

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    That might fill the void that formed in my belly when Side Saddle closed.

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    Holy Fries closed?!

  • Pavoir Sponse
    Pavoir Sponse wrote:

    It's a bit out of my way, sadly, or I would give it a whirl.

    On a related note has anyone checked out Home Plate yet? The do 'Southern style bbq,' Slow cooked brisket, ribs, wings and pulled pork etc. Apparently they are relatively cheap too. I pretty much get an instant boner everytime I read a review.

    Has anyone checked it out, please tell me it's awesome?

  • Simen Wangberg

    I'm back to make a post on this motherfucker. ARE YOU FOR REAL RIGHT NOW. I'm holding you slightly accountable if it sucks, although I know it's hella-tough to source the proper ingredients for Western food here. My girlfriend and I walked by that place last week and wondered about their food.

    Also, RE: Carlos and Home Plate - YES. YES. YES. Go there. Eat the food. Love it. It's incredible. Service is a bit scattered, but where isn't? And sometimes, it's just because they have so many customers up in that place. Dinnertime is packed, the nearby American Embassy and multinational companies have really taken to the place. I wrote one of the positive reviews on TBJ, as many others have.

  • 外交猫
    外交猫 wrote:

    I'm in New York.  I'm not even hungry, but I think I'll go get some Chipotle just because I can, and you guys can't.

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    @Pete, They built a Qdoba in Mount Pleasant a year or two before I moved away. It's not bad.

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