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  • Anders Överfors
    Anders Överfors wrote:
    <p>I'm not sure if I posted this thread in the right category, but whatever.</p> <p>Anyway. Does anyone know&nbsp;of, and can recommend,&nbsp;any bungee jumping services&nbsp;here in beijing? I've never tried it before but I've always wanted to, so&nbsp;I thought why not take the chance while I can (?). Also, are there any other "extreme" activities&nbsp;besides bungee jumping&nbsp;availible in beijing, like paragliding,&nbsp; skydiving&nbsp;(tandem)&nbsp;or river rafting?<br />If anyone wants to join me in my sudden search for&nbsp;insanity&nbsp;I'd be grateful :)&nbsp;Just leave a comment. 但是我的汉语说得不太好,所以你应该会说英文!</p> <p>I should also&nbsp;mention that I have no previous experience&nbsp;with these kinds of&nbsp;activities&nbsp;whatsoever, but we all have to start somewhere, right?</p>

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