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  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen wrote:
    <p>if girls wear BIKINI free enter.</p> <p>guys need 60RMB&nbsp;</p> <p>who knows this event?</p> <p>i want konow the detail</p>
  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen wrote:

    drive-in theater?

    cars theater? 

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen wrote:

    a girls just asked me to go with her

    now i am trying to find out the link......

    maybe private?

    only one car therter in beijing , near YANSHA bridge

  • Aurélien
    Aurélien wrote:

    |a girls just asked me to go with her

    Then why don't you stop being retarded and just ask her about it?

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen wrote:

    i just want to know the detail before to go

    and a man shouldn`t ask too much for a girl`s invite.

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen wrote:

    the bar name is 2kolegas

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen wrote:


    Outdoor Party : 9月17号 星期六Saturday 
    "Shufuland 2011 - brasilian beat!" 
    After a very long waiting....The beijing historic and histrionic yearly party for all the Music and good vibes lovers in town is finally back ...
    Music, visual, art, dance, percussions, food, live performances and free sharing of love and passion for a unique party. This year designed with the natural beat of the heart- the Brazilian beat.
    To celebrate such beat Sambasia will let us dance and enjoy with their Live Show! 
    As usual we reserved for you beijing Shufuest outdoor location: 2kolegas Bar.
    So leave the stress of the city home for one day, just bring your heart fully open and let us fill it with the Pure and passionate vibes of Shufuland...
    Saturday 17th September 2011. Starts from 5:00 PM....

    经过漫长的等待.... 京城最受瞩目的为所有音乐爱好者们举办的年度聚会终于回归!
    像往年一样,今年的举办地还是在京城户外最舒服的:2kolegas Bar
    所以这一天让我们远离压力,忘掉烦恼,卸下伪装,让心灵自然开放。让我们用激情的共鸣一起填满 Shufuland
    for more info please check out on FB: shufuland 

    下午5点入场 5:00pm  
    门票Tickets : 50.00 RMB

  • Kevin Chen

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