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    1st time to Tango for the PVD event Went just before midnight and found the place maybe about 70% pack, perhaps it was due to weekday (Friday is still working day) and due to slight drizzling..so attendence was not so great It was a breeze to get in since there was no queue (I have attended countless PVD events in different parts of the world and this is 1st time it was so easy to get in). 1st thing was to find a spot and get the drinks and this is where the difficulty starts, as I intend to stay throughout, wanted to get a bottle instead of cups. It took many communication, mis-communications and after close to an hour (Yes, 1 hour!!!), finally got a bottle (With wrong mixer!!!) and a seat at a small table on the 2nd level Giuseppe Ottaviani came on and took over the local DJ and boy, he rocks, perhaps too much (Later to PVD)!!!! He played an amazing warm up (At times, more like main set...the way he teases and peaks the crowd!!!) and the whole place was rocking (The Styrofoam light sticklight (Actually it's a pretty big light saber) was ingenious, whoever came up with it, thumbs up!!!). The light and sound system was good so that helps..... He drop many of his own tracks and when he played his trademark Linking People, the whole crowd went mental. Time was up and on came PVD and gosh, strangely, his set was quite muted (And I have been to at least 20 events of his), can't pin-point where and why...but it just not up to his usual standard (I'm a dedicated fan of his by the way.....). It was still good and the crowd did enjoy it but like I mention, something, somewhere, certain vibe was missing. Perhaps, he played one too many fillers...... Overall, it was a good night and anytime he comes again, I will still go......by the way, was talking to some foreigners and strangely, some of them say it was shitty...that was way too extreme......Maybe that explains why Prog\Uplifting trance will not work in Beijing? Lastly, the service staff was immaculate despite the initial hiccups.......a 7/10 for the night.....I've rated 10/10 for some of PVD's events (His legendary 6 hour set at the defunct Gatecrasher, Amnesia at Ibiza....At Turnmills.....)....Hopefully could experience thos type of nights again from PVD :)
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