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  • Fiona.
    Fiona. wrote:
    <div> <p>There is a person who hv a family (children and grand children). He is over 60...Once he left his family for a a rich woman, but after some time as that woman left that person, the person came back to his family again and start living together again... his family hate him.....</p> <p>"the only advantage he has in his life is that he is a lil bit good looking"</p> <p>Now this person is once again in a relationship with another stupid bt rich woman who hv a 21 yeras old daughter and a husband... "I call her stupid bcz she hv been cheated by MANY people in her business and she knows that the person is not good for her family bt she still keeps getting him nearer her family and even listens bad things abt her daughter and husband"...her husband lives out of city for the sake of his old parents and his job...</p> <p>Now when her poor daughter once asked her, not to bring that person home, and not to make her face him, she started treating her really bad like a stranger, just like an enemy... she even asked her many times to move out of her home. she said she could leave her dad too.. But her daughter can go no where bcz she is still tudying. and dont want her Dad know abt this..</p> <p>The girl wants a solution for this big prblm ?? bcz she cant bear it any more as her own Mom is treating her like an enemy, she dont want to leave her alone bcz she knows her mom is gonna be cheated once again... :(</p> </div>
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahaha ... this is a rather interesting and intriguing case!

    I have a few questions or doubts about this, but I am just not too sure whether these questions would get answered ...

    Anyway, based on similar cases among my friends, I dont think there is anything that the "daughter" could say to the "mother" right now, because the "daughter" is considered an "insider", and her opinion is hence considered biased, although it might not really be the case ...

    The "job" idea is a "nice to have", but that is also where I have "questions" ...

    So, if I can ask questions, and get answers, I might have other ideas ... but for time being, my (stupid) suggestion is:

    The "daughter" should seek help from a family friend that the "mother" would trust or at least listen to, preferably not a relative, to talk to the "mother" ...

  • Ejdnzlaj
    Ejdnzlaj wrote:

    Tell her Dad? That might actually be useful.

  • Patrick Coleman
    option 1 - find a boyfriend and live with him option 2 - find girl friends and live with them option 3 - go hometown and live with dady option 4 - find work be independent option 5 - just pretend the guy does not exist until option 1 to 4 available
  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:
    Support mother and talk to her slowly about this problem. Get hard evidence against the guy and present it to her when the time is right. If mother is happy then there is nothing one can do about this. If one tries to break mom's happiness the situation will not end well.

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