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  • Stanley Miao
    Stanley Miao wrote:

    This is a two-bedroom apartment in Wangjing area. Now I want to rent out one room with a very low price, 1500RMB/monthly. Long-term rent is preferable and short-term rent is also acceptable. 

    There are two extra conditions:(Because some one asked, I added the reasons)

    1, Non-smoker. (Because I don't like smoking)

    2. Must come back home before 10pm everyday. (Because I am a usual office worker, have to go to bed and get up early)

    3, Only for English native speakers. (Becuase I want to practice my oral English).

    Call 18601080450 if you have interests in.


  • Tina
    Tina's猫 wrote:


  • Matta Da Legare

    to Kyle...."Hurry up and drink up bitch! We need to be home by 10PM or we're screwed!" it is so funny, wahahahahaah

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