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    federico ferrara wrote:
    <p>Are you looking for a fulltime job in Beijing? Lorchid Co. Import-Export (Beijing) is waiting for you. We're looking for new Business Development Manager or Assistant, with&nbsp;<strong>no</strong>particular&nbsp;<strong>experience</strong>&nbsp;needed, neither specific language skills. We need you to expand our boundiaries and create a completely international environment.&nbsp;<strong>The salary is negotiable</strong>. Besides,&nbsp;<strong>we provide for insurance and we'll help you for your Visa</strong>.</p> <p>Want to try? Just contact<br /><strong>Federico</strong>&nbsp;(利科) - 15652522465 -&nbsp;<a href="mailto:like@lorchid.cn">like@lorchid.cn</a>&nbsp;- skype: federico.ferrara1987</p> <p>You can come here for an interview any workday you prefer, from 12.00 to 17.00</p> <p>Here's a brief presentation of our company.</p> <p>Founded in 2006 at Beijing, China, Lorchid Import &amp; Export (Beijing) Ltd is an integrated company related to international trade service. Accredited by the national Ministry of Commerce, our company can offer import and export operation, international transportation, and custom declaration and storage service. It is also the member of many international transportation unions, such as IATA, FIATS. Our company is composed of sales department, custom declaration department, operation department, financial department, administration department etc. All of our leaders have more than 5 years&rsquo; experience.<br />Our main airlines are in North America, Hong Kong, Middle East and some European countries. According to different situation of the consignment place, we can completely operate the transportation, collection, distribution, storage and other processes. We have warehouse at international airports and port container stations, while supplying efficiently import and export operations by airplane or by ship, also, helping you to save money. There are all kinds of vehicles to provide you door-to-door service.<br />We can provide following services:<br />-Take care of your export and import shipments in China,<br />-Offer Air and Ocean shipments both for Export and Import,<br />-Transport the goods to the port, arrange for customs clearance, related documentation formalities and deliver the goods to the carrier,<br />-Door-to-door transportation,<br />-Arrange for transshipment if necessary,<br />-Take delivery of the goods and issue relevant documents such as the Forwarders&rsquo; Certificate of Receipt etc,<br />-Import and export cars.</p> <div> <p>长和嘉兰进出口(北京)有限公司<br /><a title="http://www.lorchid.cn/index.html" href="http://www.lorchid.cn/index.html">http://www.lorchid.cn/index.html</a><br /><a title="http://www.linkedin.com/company/lorchid-co-ltd-/" href="http://www.linkedin.com/company/lorchid-co-ltd-/">http://www.linkedin.com/company/lorchid-co-ltd-/</a><br />LORCHID IMPORT &amp; EXPORT (BEIJING) LTD.</p> </div>

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