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    Zhang Jingjing, 6th grader. Father is a porter carrying loads. Mother is a sanitation worker.

    Shan Erzai, porter. Makes over 1,000 yuan (US$160) a month. Eats one-meat-one-veggie combo with a bottle of beer for 5 yuan ($0.80).

    Dong Song’e, sanitation worker. Her monthly pay varies and depends on circumstances. She cooks and brings her own lunch.

    Shu Yong, owner of a newsstand, earns around 3,000 yuan ($460) a month. His lunch is taken care of by his wife with love.

    Xu Yijing, owner of a boutique. Her monthly income varies with the market. Eats zongzi (pyramid-shaped rice dumpling) with a bottle of milk tea.

    Li Zirui, graduating senior high school student. Her monthly allowance is 600 ($92). She spends 7 yuan ($1.10) on one-meat-one-veggie steamed combo.

    Li Guo, police officer, makes 2,000 yuan ($307) a month. He dines at the police canteen.

    Little Jie (pseudonym), white-collar worker, makes 3,000 yuan ($460) each month. His lunch is made up of two portions of meat, one portion of veggie and a can of coke.


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    Nice one.

    Reminds me of an article of how to eat one quad in a day.


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    Saph ..........^^ i don;t eat that much ice--cream so i will give you my ice cream then you can eat too. haha


    Home cook for lunch today and after 10 minutes supermarke shopping , i think it is a good time for nap , haha see ya Ami,

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    Interesting; you’ll be surprised to know that those guys have cars, apartments, and family to take care of. but one striking thing here is that most of us foreigners make more than trice of what they make yet we don’t have our own apartment, we don’t have car and some of us don’t have wife or children to take care of. So what’s happening to our money?

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