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  • Fernando Fidanza
    Fernando Fidanza wrote:
    <p>Hello everybody. My name is Fernando Fidanza, I'm an Italian musician, composer and producer. I live in Beijing since 2005. I have a little recording studio called So What!</p> <p>Tired of being obbligated to have good "guanxi" with self nominated "music guru" magazines ( The Beijinger, Time Out, City Weekend and so on , in which the music section is written by people that with music have nothing to do, but act as the founders of Rolling Stone and organizers of Woodstock ) and bar owners that don't know the difference between folk and metal but choose your playlist, I want to propose something different.</p> <p>Musicians , music lovers, join me in this trip and together we will change this beautiful city's music scene.</p> <p>I know lots of you agree with me</p> <p>I will write on this blog every day</p> <p>my email is <a href="mailto:soffwhat@yahoo.it">soffwhat@yahoo.it</a></p> <p>my mobile 13552746357</p> <p>Every one will receive an answer.</p> <p>Best</p> <p>Fernando</p>
  • Road
    Road wrote:

    Fernando,would u mind list the album record or mater by youself?

  • Fernando Fidanza

    Hi Road, I will post my music and the bands I produce as soon as possible. thanks for your reply.

  • Fernando Fidanza

    Dear Attack-K, as said in the FIRST line of my post, I'm Italian, not Chinese, that's why I write in English. Thanks for your reply.

  • Road
    Road wrote:

    haha,Fernando,e-mail me plz info(at)indiechina.com

  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:

    Hi Fernando, what exactly do you want to do to change the Beijing music scene?

    Maybe you emphasise the "guanxi" and "guru" thing too much. From the view of a foreigner, maybe you got your point but i wont generalize.

    There are only a few real live bars and clus in Beijing and most owners/managers of these sure knows the diffrence between metal and folk.

    sure, Time Out/The Beijinger etc. are not exactly music magazines as such but there are also other references if you need to know about local music, such as blogs, websites etc.

    generally, i guess, it will help a lot to speak at least some Chinese to get involved in the Beijing music scene.

    all the best for what you do.

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