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  • Skaught
    Skaught wrote:

    Georgetown basketball in China

    I want to know who the guy is who is stomping a person on the ground. That guy is not even a player in uniform.

    The Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.) basketball team was visiting China for a "goodwill" game against the Bayi Rockets. In the 4th quarter, both benches were cleared in a brawl.

    None of the Hoyas were seriously injured despite trading punches with the opposing players and dodging chairs and water bottles thrown from the audience.

    The game was tense from the outset and had to be stopped earlier after two players exchanged words. At one point, a Rockets player even berated the Georgetown coach as he yelled instructions to his players.

    The hard fouls and constant bickering eventually devolved into bedlam when Bayi big man Hu Ke was called for a foul against Georgetown guard Jason Clark. Clark made it clear he did not appreciate the hard foul, sparking the initial exchange of shoves that led players from both benches to run onto the court in defense of their teammates.

    Georgetown basketball in China

  • Simen Wangberg

    "It can fly in the NBA and in American culture, but you bring it to another country, that 'swag' becomes translated into something entirely; something you want to be the crap out of!"

    See also: why white dudes get beaten up in SLT from time to time. Although I will be the first to suggest that some (if not many) of them deserve it, the way I see some folks acting down there.

  • Tedd Aspen Stensløkken

    “Keep in mind, these are professional Chinese players against amateur student players and China has been fined many times for inciting violence during international play.”

    haha, what ridiculous commets, goes back to your logic:

    what happened in the west is different from other countries.

    They are not amateur, and those who play well can go to NBA, how can you fool others?

    By the way, it is because US team's dirty play resulted in the fight, it is good for Chinese played to protect themselves. It takes two to make a quarrel and those American player should learn to play civilized.

    Just like Bush, there was massive destruction weapon in Iraq, so actions should be taken, but there is nothing in that country, you can always find excuses for your own faults.

  • Tedd Aspen Stensløkken

    As usual, western media is very good at use picture to distort the whole story, just what happened in 2008, haha

    You have to know, now the credit of your media is so low that few trust your media and report.

  • Tahjay
    Tahjay wrote:

    I saw the video and here's what I say...

    1) The fight started because a Chinese player hit a Georgetown player in the face inadvertently after picking up a loose ball.  As any player would, the Georgetown player pushed the Chinese player, then the three nearest Chinese players attacked him, along with the many others off the bench.  It took a good 5 seconds for the Geogetown team to get involved after the Chinese team actually did. 

    2)  There's no doubt one of the university players from Georgetown could beat down a professional player from 8-1.  Yes, the university league or NCAA in america is an amateur leauge, despite how Dudu likes to look at it. 

    3)  The foul shot count was rediculous something like 50+ to 15.  I haven't seen the whole game, but in anycase that lopsided tally seems a bit out of balance in any game.  Must have something to do with home court advantage. 

    4) Fights during basketball games are always the slopiest.  They throw punches and miss wildly, land punches and barely leave a mark...Don't believe me, just have a look at the fights that have broken out in the NBA. 

  • Tedd Aspen Stensløkken

    ” I haven't seen the whole game,“

    You didn't see the whole game and then you made the conclusion from a segment, is this your habit?

    If you saw the whole match, you will know the whole story.

    Shame on you no matter where you come from, because you use a segment to depict the whole story. The western propaganda likes to use same tricks.

  • Tahjay
    Tahjay wrote:

    Dudu, you didn't see the whole game either.  So, what the hell are you talking about?  Duke, anther university team actually beat the best players in China, the olympic team last week in Shanghai.  Tonight they will play again in Wukesong, and I will be there watching.  Lets just face it, these American university students have trained much longer than any players in China, are more athletically gifted than any players in China, and play in a much more competitive environment than the players in China.  What you may call dirty or rough play is just what we call physcial play in the states, and thats just part of the game.  If your boys from 8-1 want to get all militant because of a little tussle which is not uncommon in the game of basketball, they should do it because they are being attacked, not because they are just frustrated from being outmatched in almost every aspect of the game.  Dudu and the boys from 8-1 need to take a peice of advice that we use in the states...Get your weight up, not your hate up!

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