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    <p>Beijing Beijing massage techniques Jianshen simple physical</p> <div id="_mcePaste"><a href="http://www.massageinbeijing.org"><img title="beijing massage girls" src="http://blog.palungjit.com/beijingescort/files/2011/08/staff_5618_1-200x300.jpg" alt="" width="200" height="300" /></a></div> <div> <div>http://www.massageinbeijing.org</div> <div>http://www.massage-chengdu.org/</div> <div>http://www.beijingmassage66.com/</div> </div> <div>Beijing <a href="http://www.massageinbeijing.org">Beijing massage</a> techniques Jianshen simple physical</div> <div id="_mcePaste">Beijing massage by rubbing the pubic area</div> <div id="_mcePaste">Nita is less than one inch by two inches at the navel, the equivalent of the holes Shihmen. The method is the hand with his right hand on the three middle fingers of the rotation friction massage from 50 to 60 times. Can improve Jianshen Gujing gastrointestinal function.</div> <div id="_mcePaste">● Press Shenshu Beijing massage</div> <div id="_mcePaste">Shenshu points in the second and third lumbar vertebrae on both sides of a thumb, rub your hands with palms down and back massage from 50 to 60 times on both sides simultaneously or alternatively. Low back pain, found in the kidneys in rats.</div> <div id="_mcePaste">● Assemble springs <a href="http://www.massageinbeijing.org">girl massage Beijing</a></div> <div id="_mcePaste">Yongquan depression in the way of the foot, the foot shao yin kidney the first hole. The method is to use the three middle fingers to the heart from right to left foot, right foot with your left hand with three fingers to massage the chest compressions, alternating left and right, 60 to 80 times the massage, the only form of heat strong gluten, cites false fire below palpitations, insomnia, brittle and weak with the rats. Three previous methods, with the line, morning and evening, evergreen, monitoring should be working.</div> <div id="_mcePaste">Other massage techniques, please go to "a <a href="http://www.beijingmassage66.com/">Beijing massage service</a>" to read</div> <p><span><span>Recommended</span></span><span><span>reading</span></span><span><a href="http://www.massage-chengdu.org/"><span>Chengdu</span> <span>Massage</span></a></span><span><span>Health Channel</span></span> <span><span>http://www.massageinbeijing.org http://www.massage-chengdu.org/ http://www.beijingmassage66.com/</span></span></p>

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