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  • KubanskaKvinna
    KubanskaKvinna wrote:
    <p>As the tittle says my 24th birthday is coming soon, i could say that in a few hours will be in a week. So the idea of this thread/add/discussion/topic/post is to see how creative your minds are hehehe... Before your minds blow to any other directions, my point is i would like to share or listen/read some new options, suggestions, idea about places that i could spend such an important day for moi hehehe. Like have dinner &amp; the clubbing, but where exactly?!?</p> <p>Looking forward to hear from U ALL...</p> <p>Best,</p> <p>Ivy</p>
  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:

    Ivy! I wish you a happy birthday in advance. Beijing has got too many nice places where you can host your guess in order to celebrate you birthday. Shangrila would be a great place. SLT has got too many choices for u too.

    Just make sure not to trade ur private pic to the moron who will come here after to display it.

    High Priest

  • Li Lai
    Li Lai wrote:

    what pool party I'm in

  • Li Lai
    Li Lai wrote:

    and happy birthday Ivy xxx

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