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    A.w wrote:
    <p><img src="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-mPjqL2Ar-1w/TkRBL6FJRwI/AAAAAAAAEgM/kI3vzJ-Vm20/Funny-anniversary-card-C-580W.jpg" alt="" width="414" height="93" /></p> <p>10. I stopped caring about anniversaries when you stopped caring about sex.</p> <p>9. Today is our what?</p> <p>8. Okay, let&rsquo;s celebrate, but do we have to do it together?</p> <p>7. I thought we only celebrated important events?</p> <p>6. You can celebrate anniversaries with your next husband.</p> <p>5. You don&rsquo;t like what I pick out, so I thought why bother.</p> <p>4. I got you a present worth a dollar for every time you were nice to me this year. Here&rsquo;s a $5 gift certificate for McDonald&rsquo;s.</p> <p>3. If you want me to pretend like I care about our anniversary, I will.</p> <p>2. You want to go out to dinner? Okay, okay, I&rsquo;ll take you to Pizza Hut if it&rsquo;ll shut ya up.</p> <p>1. I thought you only had to celebrate anniversaries while you were still in love.</p> <p><img src="https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-t_CqkiNZpzw/TkRBMck-YXI/AAAAAAAAEgQ/fJxWTTeBT78/How-fights-get-started.jpg" alt="" width="388" height="312" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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    Hahahahaha ... I did a "number five" a few times :)

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