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  • Liam (李安)
    Liam (李安) wrote:
    <p>Hello. I'm going to Qinghai next month and would like to know where I should go. I definitely want to see Qinghai Lake and some Tibetan areas, as well as do some light hiking and village exploration.<br /><br />I'm considering Qinghai since it's closer than Tibet and easier to get into.&nbsp;<br /><br />Is now a good time to go? Are there some particular spots I should check out?&nbsp;<br /><br />Thanks!</p>
  • V. Bilrost
    V. Bilrost wrote:

    I went there decade ago.

    Qinghai Lake (esp. the bird island) is a must, but not the best timing to see birds.

    Tar Lamasery (Ta'er si Temple) is another must, where you see everything in Tibetan Buddhism.

    Not far from this temple, it's a grass land where you can do hiking and horse riding, meeting Tibetans, they have great home-made yoghourt. But September is late for green grass though.

    It also might be very cold, better prepare down coats. I visited there during late September and early October, people there wore thick sagums already.

  • V. Bilrost
    V. Bilrost wrote:

    Early September could be cold, it's a province where snows mostly visits in October.

    Ta'er si Temple is in the southwest, very near Tibet, further south, no! No mood to explore, cuz didnt bring enough clothes and felt bad about the food there..

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  • Ligang
    Ligang wrote:


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