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  • Luxura 乐晒日光浴中心
    Luxura 乐晒日光浴中心 wrote:
    <p>乐晒日光与中心-北京五星级室内日光浴沙龙,荷兰Hapro日光浴设备中国大陆地区唯一授权代理商,中国室内日光浴行业的领先者。我们致力于为客户提供顶级室内日光浴服务,您会惊喜地发现享受</p> <p>日光浴获得健康肤色的同时,您的多项身体机能也会得到显著提高。</p> <p>  作为设备代理商,我们对各类设备的特点,功能及安全性有着更为深刻的认识。所有直属展示沙龙均使用Hapro Luxura(乐晒)顶级的10系列产品,及绚丽的7系列产品。设备每周检查确保安全高</p> <p>效运行。相对于一般沙龙,我们的设备使您更安全,更快速的达到满意的效果。此外,更多人性化的附加功能也为您的日光浴过程增添乐趣。</p> <p>  我们根据客户不同的需求提供一系列室内日光浴附属商品。各直属展示沙龙交通便利,拥有宽敞,整洁,含有空调的房间,并免费为您提供消毒专业护目镜及洗浴用品。</p> <p>  我们的工作人员可以回答客户关于UVA/UVB暴露的任何问题和如何保持您的肤色看起来更健康的小窍门。相比较设备,商品和环境,客户同样满意我们的专业服务。在专业人员的指导下,您可以</p> <p>对皮肤健康没有任何顾虑。拥有丰富知识的工作人员及轻松的且专注客户的气氛,是我们坚持不懈的提高行业服务标准的关键。</p> <p>  专业的设备,丰富的商品,优雅的环境及无懈可击的服务使我们领先于其他的竞争者。db日晒美黑沙龙已经成为中国室内日光浴行业中最著名的品牌。</p> <p>  如今,众多忠实的客户已经将日光浴视为他们生活中的重要一部分,您同样也可以享受这激动人心的日光浴体验,今天就来感受这让你难以置信的惊喜结果吧!</p> <p><br />乐晒日光浴中心&nbsp;</p> <p>建外soho店&nbsp;&nbsp; 建外soho 4号楼4307&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 电话010-59000427<br />三里屯店&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 三里屯3.3大厦5层5005&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 电话010-51365186</p> <p>&nbsp;<a href="http://www.luxura.net/">http://www.luxura.net/</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="mailto:luxuratanning@live.com">luxuratanning@live.com</a></p> <p>关键词:&nbsp; 美黑 日光浴 助晒 古铜色 晒黑 晒灯 晒肤 胶原蛋白 抗老化 减肥 健身</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Luxura tanning &amp; wellness centre-Beijing&rsquo;s first Five-Star indoor tanning studio and Hapro international bv's official dealer in mainland China. We have been committed to</p> <p>provide an outstanding tanning experience to our customers. We have created an environment of excellence that invites clients to visit us for the experience of tanning rather</p> <p>that just for a tan.</p> <p>As a solarium equipment dealer, we are always updating our equipments, bringing our clients the best and the latest in tanning technology. Equipments are maintained every week</p> <p>to ensure the highest quality tan. Unmatched equipment is only one of the unique facets that set us apart from our competitors.</p> <p>We offer a line of tanning lotions and accessories, our conveniently located stores have entirely clean, large, air conditioned rooms. Amenities such as goggles and towels are</p> <p>provided free of charge.</p> <p>A light-hearted, customer-focused atmosphere is our key for delivering consistent, quality service. Db tanning is the most experienced tanning studio with every operator</p> <p>professionally trained and certified. Our employees can answer any questions regarding UVA/UVB exposure as well as tips on how to keep your tan looking great! Customers enjoy</p> <p>using our service and knowledge, rather then using just price and equipment. You can trust your skin w
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  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)



  • SaSa♣Yi
    SaSa♣Yi wrote:

    it's way too expensive in China...here It's only £4 for 15 mins.

  • Lynn
    Lynn wrote:

    i go tanning quite often, but in UK is way cheaper, i could get 1pound for 3 min with very good machine:( 

    anyway, girls with pale skin just look sick for me...

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