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  • Lorettayxz
    Lorettayxz wrote:
    <p>who want to buy maotai pls let me know ,my here have real maotai can sell ,also can have invoice.100% the STUFF for real!!!!</p> <p>贵州茅台系列其中的小酒保:</p> <p>小酒保银典浓香型 52度 238元一瓶&nbsp; 原价289元</p> <p>小酒保嘉宾浓香型 52度 280元一瓶&nbsp;&nbsp;原价317元</p> <p>you can found them from store, if u need pls let me know it .try real chinese maotai,to know chinese history ,than don't miss chinese maotai ~~~</p> <p>mail:lorettayxz@gamil.com</p>
  • Simen Wangberg

    "perhaps we can make a deal with someone in sinopec"

    sick burn was sick. yeah no, I just need a bottle of this shit and a 小三 and then I'll be a REAL government employee! :-D

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