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  • Costa
    Costa wrote:
    <p>我今年的秋天要在北大学习。我非常想 认识一些人从北京来的。。。 另外我还要用一位导游 :P 除了认识北京人以外我还想 练练 说 汉语/ 写汉字...要是这讲坛有人回答我的问题我就太高兴了... 感谢你们!&nbsp; :) 请原谅我,我 汉语写得不太好....</p>
  • 彭彭-stéphanie




    默默祝你能找到一个好的导游带你玩北京吧~~good luck

  • Chenyang
  • Chenyang
    Chenyang wrote:


  • Mya In
    Mya In wrote:


  • Mya In
    Mya In wrote:

    好好学习 天天向上~~

    慢慢练~不急不急~~~ ^.,^


  • Chenyang
    Chenyang wrote:

    I'm going to HK, to start my Master Degree! You're welcome to visit me in HK though, still^^

  • Tedd Aspen Stensløkken

    Welcome to China, and wish you know some real Chinese, but not regard those retarded "大浪妞儿" as representative as Chinese.

    By the way, never expect too high, because China is still a developing country.

    And I have been to Germany, but I don't like your people, they are obviously biased against other people, just read your newspaper and radio.

  • Tedd Aspen Stensløkken

    You don't need to worry about so-called Chinese culture, because you will meet a bunch of so-called Chinese youth, who are eager to become western, so you will not feel any difference, because they don't know Chinese culture either.

    I don't think your country is strange, China should learn a lot from your country, I was impressed by the neatness in your country, and I also like the German pork ham.

  • Mya In
    Mya In wrote:

    看得出来  你有很努力学习中文~~

    我相信你到了中国之后 没有多久就可以把中文说得很好了~

    if any questions, dont hesitate to ask~

  • Chenyang
    Chenyang wrote:


  • kö

    keep  you thinking ..dont lost ....hold 住....

  • Saint - Spartacus

    @ DD

    don't fool german people, they are the most cool and friendly people ... ...

    china is great in some part as living , of course other part not so developped , it's also base in culture distance .

    i think u can find some good guid for free, be attantion ...


    感受到中国姑娘们的醋意很浓重, But i think even she's a bitch , u can find sth intressing on her . 求同存异

    COSTA cafe not taste good , erh ... 


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