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    <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;There are two ways for foreigner to obtain Z visa in beijing.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Either<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 1.Apply for employment license<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 2.Coverting your current F/L visa into two month Z visa.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 3.Apply working permit<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 4.Apply for one year residence permit.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Or<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 1.Apply for employment license<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 2.Apply working invitation letter<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 3.Obtain two month Z visa at home country or Hong kong.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 4.Apply working permit<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 5.Apply for one year residence permit<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 1) No matter you holding L visa or F visa, we can switch to Z visa.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 2) There is one type of multiple convert visa we can switch to Z visa, which is L visa convert to F visa (before) to Z visa (now).<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 3) Personal requirements:<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Age:24-60 years old<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Qualification: Above bachelor<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Work experience: at least two years working experience<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; THAT'S CHINA Consulting Service Co., Ltd. is well recognized by its numerous clients for its professional, speedy services and useful information and suggestions provided.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Our Location and Contacts:<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ---By Subway: you could take Subway Line 2, get off at Dongzhimen station, and choose D-exit(Southwest exit), then go forward for about 100 meters, you could see the building named CYTS Plaza, we are in Room 707-708.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ---By Taxi or drive by yourself: we are in the southwest corner of Dongzhimen Bridge, the inner of Second Ring(Er Huan Road), when you see Beijing Bank or China Mobile, then you should also see CYTS Plaza. Generally speaking, every taxi driver know our building, in Chinese, it's ZhongQingLv Dasha.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Our working time:<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Monday to Friday: 8:00~19:00 (Normal working time, but even in the evening time, you can call us or email us);<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Saturday to Sunday: also available, but you need to make an appointment with us</p> <p><br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Contact: alan<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Office phone: 86-10-58156222,ext-130<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Mobile: 13488721250<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Email: <a href="mailto:yf19900821@163.com">yf19900821@163.com</a><br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; QQ: 1491303884</p>

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