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  • Mi Mi
    Mi Mi wrote:
    <p>what do you think about chinese boy love? I think it's completely fake!</p> <p>Chinese gilrs, you pls answer.</p>
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahahaha ... Micky? Or someone else who uses the same or similar mug shot?

    As "fake" as it is, I am married for 8 years, so I had to be doing something right ... and it is perhaps my cooking ... but then, a lot of people said that I am not Chinese enough :)

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    Posting in a troll thread.

  • Fabian Kollen
    Fabian Kollen wrote:

    Chinese boy's love is dumping.

    Chinese girls's love is money.

  • Micky
    Micky wrote:

    Wow, uncle thats certainly not me; I am married to a Chinese lady can't even say much about her how much more Chinese great boyz? 

    However, I feel they (the Chinese boys) are extra nice before wealth comes and before their only daughter comes. After that hnmmmm,.. ask them please.

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