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  • Eastwood
    Eastwood wrote:
    <p>Not everybody has something interesting to say, but when I see something like this it makes me wonder if I should be paying more attention to the people around me. </p> <p>http://adrianfisk.photoshelter.com/gallery/iSpeak-China/G000082kf0.2JzwM/</p>
  • Mengmeng
    Mengmeng wrote:

    I think most people have or had interesting things in their mind, but the society they live in moulds them in such a way that they share the same thought, do the same thing, so they end up as a boring group. Everyone around us is good in nature, but sometimes they have to do something against their nature for the conformity, pretend to be bad so they won't get hurt by others. So if you listen carefully to them, talk to them in sincerity, you can dig gold out of everyone.

  • Micky
    Micky wrote:

    I'll say "Let’s appreciate one and another in their unique nature. No matter where you’re from, no matter how educated you are no matter how rich or poor. We’re one"

    What would you say?

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