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  • Ralf
    Ralf wrote:
    <p>... and finally: Recommendations for (clean and preferably large) public swimming pools in 海淀区? Or accessible hotel pools? Sorry for many questions, but it's a big city! And if you do know, but don't go: I could teach you how to swim :-)</p>
  • Mengmeng
    Mengmeng wrote:

    I have only been to Haidian swimming pool, it's on Yiheyuan Road. ¥19 with yacol card. It's very crowded and the service is not very good.

    Maybe you can try Hosafitness, it has a few chain stores in Haidian. I know there is one at Jinqiu jiayuan community,  Zhichun Road. This one is a bit expensive, but if you have yacol card, it would be around ¥35.


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