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    <p><img src="http://i0.sinaimg.cn/ent/y/2011-07-15/U996P28T3D3361253F326DT20110715174044.jpg" alt="" width="402" height="600" /></p> <p><span title="加拿大流行朋克天团Simple Plan北京演唱会8月10日举行。">Canadian pop punk group Simple Plan Beijing day concert held on August 10. </span><span title="作为近年来欧美Pop punk乐队中的佼佼者,被众多媒体与乐迷誉为流行乐坛的新一代天王。">As in recent years, European and American Pop punk band in the crowd were many of the media and fans as the King of pop music's new generation. </span><span title="Simple Plan的情绪更多来自经典朋克中那些永不磨灭的愤怒与青春冲动,激扬的鼓点、流畅的旋律、时髦的扮相,加之不俗的实力和杰出的现场表现使他们足以缔造一个属于Simple">More from Simple Plan's emotions never forgotten those classic punk anger and impulses of youth, and boosting the drums, smooth melodies, stylish appearance, combined with good strength and outstanding field performance so that they are sufficient to create a Simple </span><span title="Plan的朋克王国。">Plan of the punk kingdom.&nbsp;</span></p> <p><span title="Plan的朋克王国。"><span title="Simple Plan北京演唱会">Simple Plan Beijing concert&nbsp;<br /><br /></span><span title="时间:2011.08.10 21:00">Time: 2011.08.10 21:00&nbsp;<br /></span><span title="Date: 2011.08.10 21:00">Date: 2011.08.10 21:00&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /></span><span title="场馆:北京糖果雍和店三层旧:星光现场">Venue: Beijing Yonghe candy store three old: Star Live&nbsp;<br /></span><span title="Venue:Tango Club 3F (EX: Star live)">Venue: Tango Club 3F (EX: Star live)&nbsp;<br /><br /></span><span title="票务信息:">Ticket information:&nbsp;<br /><br /></span><span title="Early bird Ticket 特别限量预售票: 180RMB(SALES ONLY at www.mlive.me)">Early bird Ticket Special Limited pre-sale tickets: 180RMB (SALES ONLY at www.mlive.me)&nbsp;<br /></span><span title="ADV Ticket预售票: 260RMB">ADV Ticket pre-sale tickets: 260RMB&nbsp;<br /></span><span title="Door 即场票:350RMB">Door-the-spot ticket: 350RMB&nbsp;<br /></span><span title="Limited VIP Ticket 限量贵宾票500RMB (incl, ADV ticket,VIP Lounge &amp; 100RMB Drink tickets)">Limited VIP Ticket Limited VIP 500RMB (incl, ADV ticket, VIP Lounge &amp; 100RMB Drink tickets)&nbsp;<br /><br /></span><span title="预售票总代理:中国票务在线www.piao.com.cn 订购电话:400 610 3721 010-64177845(English Only)">Advance ticket agent: China Ticket Online www.piao.com.cn Order Tel: 400 610 3721 010-64177845 (English Only)&nbsp;<br /></span><span title="电子票预售:www.mlive.me 咨询电话58760241-814">E-ticket pre-sale: www.mlive.me Tel 58760241-814</span></span></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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