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  • Sakura
    Sakura wrote:

    Recent research finds that taking a hot bath can cure loneliness.

    Take a hot bath, you’ll fee better. Not only does warm watersoothe us, it can combat loneliness. According to research published in the journal Emotion.

    Scientists analyzed the bathing habits of 51 people. And had them record how they felt before and after bathing. The researchers found that higher scores on a measure of chronic loneliness were associated with an increase in warmer baths or showers. In a separate study, to test the link between physical temperature and emotional state, scientists had subjects hold cold and hot packs and recorded levels of perceived loneliness. They confirmed the correlation between cold packs and high loneliness scores.

    Then in another study the researchers had subjects recall a time when they were feeling excluded. This exercise made the subjects subsequently desire comforting social activities like hanging with friends. But this desire was reduced for those subjects who were asked to hold a warm pack.

    The authors claim this association between warmth and security is innate, yet many are not aware of the link, at least when it comes to warm baths. In another study they found that subjects do not think of a frequent bather as a particularly lonely person. A little obsessive maybe, but not lonely.

    根据《Emotion》期刊上发表的报告研究人员发现,洗一个热水澡不仅让人心情舒畅,还能赶跑寂寞。 研究人员分析了51位被调查者的洗澡习惯,记录了他们洗澡前后的感受。他们发现,评估慢性寂寞的得分高低与洗澡或淋浴水温有关联。在另一项研究中,研究人 员让受试者握住冰袋和热袋,记录他们孤独感的水平,证实冷袋和高孤独分数有相关性。研究人员认为,温暖和安全的关联性是与生俱来的。其它研究则发现,特别 孤独的人并不是经常洗澡。


  • Elisabeth Seterdal

    特别 孤独的人并不是经常洗澡

  • Sakura
    Sakura wrote:

    @大丽花:cold shower may good to health but not emotion according to the scientists.


  • Ejdnzlaj
    Ejdnzlaj wrote:

    There's a journal called "Emotion"? That sounds... credible

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    Such a tired conceit of individualism, that we can pretend the qualitative nuances of cognitive states can be objectively quantified by self-reporting. No, this is utter horseshit! The experiment does not measure emotion, but one's perception of their own emotional state. Where's the baseline?

    The bulk of popular psych research is a waste of grant money and serves only to grease the gears of the printing presses of academic journals.

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