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    Time Out Beijing wrote:
    Contemporary Chinese Cinema Revisited

    Bloody Morning

    1992/ 102Mins./ Color/ print/Feature Film
    Director by Li Shao Hong

    7.17(Sun) 16:00

    We have a pair of tickets to give away. Please write to info@timeoutcn.com by 
    tomorrow Thursday 14th July to win the 17th screening.

    Medieval morality and the modern approach to justice are only two of the many
     threads that weave through this drama of crime and passion. When a school
    teacher in a Chinese village is found dead in an alley one morning, there is no
    doubt who did the deed. Two brothers readily confess to having murdered him. 
    What the investigator needs to determine is the boys' motive. How could they
     possibly be incited to murder anyone so brutally. It turns out that the teacher's
     fiancee was the best friend of the boys' sister, and somehow the teacher 
    deflowered the girl. In the village world the boys inhabit, this is a far more 
    serious crime than the boys' subsequent ritualized execution of the teacher. 
    This tale of passion in a Chinese village is based on a Latin American novel by
     Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Chronicle of a Death Foretold.

    Address: T4, China MOMA North Section, No. 1 Xiangheyuan Street Telephone 
    Voice Service: 84388202
    For more info please check http://www.timeoutbeijing.com/venue/Books__Films-C

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