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  • Jorrit
    Jorrit wrote:
    <p>Pointing to how just about every company in the country has been bought up by Chinese investors, Swedish politicians suggested introducing Chinese on offer in every schoool programme.</p> <p>First thing I wonder about is how are they going to be able to train enough teachers. Perhaps this will be the next possibility for young Chinese to come to Europe, as many English teachers come to China?&nbsp;</p>
  • Ejdnzlaj
    Ejdnzlaj wrote:

    Well they've set the goal in primary schools as "in 10 years" and for highschools as "in 15 to 20" so they have a lot of time!

  • Bryan (賴宏杰)

    The only downside I find in teaching Chinese, is what exactly to teach.  When I took classes, they stressed 北京 style, with 兒化音 as the standard, as if that's how the majority of Chinese people speak.  Too many of my classmates were dumbass Americans and didn't know any better.  I personally prefer 國語 to 普通話, but I realize that's a smaller number by comparison.  I do think it's easier way of speaking for American accent, and why I think that speakers of 國語 do much better overall in their sounding native to American english. 

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