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  • Eastwood
    Eastwood wrote:

    This man put a camera in his head. It takes a picture every minute and uploads them to a museum, live. He escaped Iraq in '91, and specifically felt that during the bombings of his hometown, he just wished he had a camera.

    'When asked why he is doing it, he gives several reasons, but one is connected with having fled Iraq in 1991 - and having nothing to remind him of his former life.

    "My city Najaf was under bombardment and the smoke was rising from it, I wished at that moment that I could record what was left behind," he says.'

    If everyone did it, would that mean governments would be more careful or would they simply stop caring entirely?


  • Virgil W
    Virgil W wrote:

    Well, since we already are quite familiar with the directer or the producer,who are the actors? It may hard to differentiate between the two.

  • Virgil W
    Virgil W wrote:

    Again, damn VP!

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