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    Ashley wrote:
    <p>Who says that English language publicatons in China only report staid, insipid news stories? This is from the Shanghai Daily.</p> <p>I wonder how many of the lonely, sex-starved male members of WLIB will be signing up for this 'training course.'</p> <p><em>"I am a high class, qualified breast masseur,&rdquo; Mr Xia Jun of the Household Service Company told reporters in Shanghai, &ldquo;and <strong>I massage breasts in a very scientific way. </strong>It is well known that breast massage can boost milk secretion in nursing mothers, and in the wake of the baby milk formula scandal, many more women want to feed their babies naturally, don't they? There are male gynecologists and obstetricians, so why not breast masseurs? <strong>I have been issued with a certificate in high-class breast massage </strong>by the China Employment Training Techical Instruction Centre, and am now training my employees in the correct techniques. For <strong>just 500 yuan an hour, </strong>let me and my qualified staff boost your milk production.&rdquo;</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;Xia's services have not been universally welcomed in Shanghai. &ldquo;It's disgusting,&rdquo; said male resident Xu Boshi. &ldquo;What kind of husband would allow another man to massage his wife's breasts? I'd rather study the techniques and do it myself. Anyway, I'm dubious about Xia's professional and scientific skills, because the training course only takes a few days.&rdquo; Dr Hou of the Shanghai No.1 Maternity Hospital added that &ldquo;it's not necessary for a nursing mother to employ somebody else to massage her breasts. She can boost milk production by doing it herself.&rdquo;</em></p> <p>hmm</p> <p><em></em>&nbsp;</p> <p><em></em>&nbsp;</p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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