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  • Drummer Donna
    Drummer Donna wrote:

    Hi folks, you may have seen my posts here before.  The trap-neuter-release program I started at my college campus two years ago has been a smashing success, but this summer we have one leftover kitten. 

    Her name is Zoom-zoom, she's about 5-6 weeks old, mostly white, short-haired with some calico/tabby colors.  She's EXTREMELY energetic and loves people.  Zoom-zoom is healthy, completely litter-box trained, eats well and drinks water. 

    The guy who found her abandoned on the campus is moving home next week (July 5, 2011), where he already has three cats.  I can't take her because I'm leaving, too, and we can't let her run loose because she's too little and defenseless against the stray dogs (the older cats all know how to handle themselves).

    If you know someone who can adopt or even foster Zoom-zoom, please get in touch ASAP!

    My email: thenewsbabe (at) live (dot) com

    Thanks for looking and feel free to share this ad with your friends!


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