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  • Lun Liu
    Lun Liu wrote:
    <p><strong>Job description:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Report directly to Supply Chain Vice President &amp; assist with various VP daily requirements</li> <li>Understand company and functional strategies and how to drive the team to achieve them as well as monthly KPI targets</li> <li>Stay up to date on the current status &amp; health of the business and provide proposals on what areas need to improve or current functional roadblocks</li> <li>Monitor tasks and ensure deadlines are met</li> <li>Manage the VP&rsquo;s workload (i.e. act as a gatekeeper, tracking, analyzing, etc)</li> <li>Organize Business Councils with Function heads respectively to review previous month&rsquo;s operations in detail</li> <li>Maintain a good relationship with all direct reports and ensure strategic objectives are being met</li> <li>Maintain a big picture of overall operations, processes, and projects</li> <li>Identify and keep track of urgent issues and escalate them to the proper owner for quick closure</li> <li>Compose emails and executive-level reports on behalf of the VP</li> <li>Prepare the VP for all internal/external meetings and follow through on meeting action items</li> <li>Promote continuous improvement and optimization</li> <li>Occasionally lead or assist various projects using LSS methodology</li> </ul> <p><strong>Qualifications - Required:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Native English Speaker, or Proficient at English, and Fluent Mandarin preferred, good understanding of Eastern &amp; Western culture/logic</li> <li>Bachelor&rsquo;s degree and at least 4 years of previous work experience(Preferred previous Supply Chain and/or IT industry experience and deep interest in this field)</li> <li>Desire for a long-term career in the Supply Chain or IT industry</li> <li>Excellent project management capability</li> <li>Ability to quickly learn the roles/responsibilities, and understand Supply Chain processes</li> <li>Self-starter and can successfully drive issues until they are closed</li> <li>Ability to analyze financial data and supply status reports</li> <li>Excellent oral and written communication &amp; a confident presenter</li> <li>Ability to adapt to, communicate effectively with, and manage a culturally-diverse team</li> <li>Organizational skills in overseeing large-scale events</li> <li>Innovative thinking and not afraid to challenge the status quo</li> <li>Demonstrated attention to detail</li> <li>Computer savvy (Microsoft PowerPoint especially)</li> <li>LSS green belt certification preferred</li> </ul>

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