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    Skaught wrote:

    Chinese scientists have produced a herd of genetically modified cows that make milk that could substitute for human breast milk -- a possible alternative to formula.

    Researchers at China Agricultural University introduced human genetic coding into the DNA of Holstein dairy cow embryos, then transferred the embryos into cow surrogates.

    In 2003, after years of testing on mice, scientists managed to create the first cow that could produce milk with the same nutritional properties as human breast milk, but with a taste even stronger and sweeter.

    "The genetically modified cow milk is 80 percent the same as human breast milk," said Li Ning, a professor and the project's director as well as lead researcher.

    Chinese scientists are making it happen! I can't wait to try human breast milk from a cow. Thank you Colbert Nation, for loading in China and bringing all the "really" important Chinese news to my attention. It could be on supermarket shelves within a few months.

    Reuters article here.

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