• Jose
    Jose wrote:
    <p>The Dallas Mavericks have beaten the Miami Heat for the NBA title. For all you NBA fans, do you think you'll remember this year more for the Mavs winning or the Heat losing?</p>
  • Tina
    Tina's猫 wrote:

    this has been a very exciting news today even i'm not a big fan @_@

  • Amalie Sæverud

    shit shit shit!

    I will love heat no matter what!

  • Tahjay
    Tahjay wrote:

    You can't buy a championship, sorry Bron, better luck next year...

    I think after two trips to the NBA finals, once being swept, once being outplayed by inferior athletes, the MJ LeBron comparisons need to stop.  Win a championship first then lets talk.  LeBron is a great athlete, but not a great player. 

  • Amalie Sæverud

    hey, you don't need to be great to win my love!

    Great people can only win my respect and admire, but not love!

    All these stuggle, finght, drama, failure, tears, stupidity makes him more lovely , more like a human being!

    And when he twittered " now and never" I thought" crap! someone will need to eat the bittterness of his stupidity again!" but these kind of stupidity are just lovely! Just some kind of stupidity I will do over and over again! And he is still young! :)

    but in all, all of above is totally crap!

    I don't love Lebron, I love Wade! And you need a reason? No, love has no reason!

  • Tahjay
    Tahjay wrote:

    I'm coming merely from a sports viewpoint, you are all on Dwayne's piece because he's handsome, and I'm fine with that.  I suppose that's why Ana Kornikova was so popular in the sports world years back.  Wade is a baller, I like him too, but LeBron is overhyped by many.  See how he performs in the 4th quarter and you will realize all of the above that I mentioned is true. 

    See them mocking Dirk about being under the weather before game 5, give me a break, Dirk took them to school 2 games in a row after that.  I'll just say it again, can't buy a championship!!!

  • Amalie Sæverud

    but don't you know Mavs salary is hell higher than heat! what about that?

    isn't Cuban spending billions to make this team? 

    isn't NBA a cash game too?

    just those players make it a lovely place to watch!

  • Tahjay
    Tahjay wrote:

    The players on the mavs are mostly veterens who command higher salaries due to the last collective barganinig agreement and labor standards in the NBA.  Cuban is filthy rich, but what I'm saying is with the exception of Dirk, none of those players has nearly close to the amount of hype and star power as Wade Bosh James.  I bet their endorsement earnings are more than the rest of the Mavs salary, besides Dirk, all together.

    Cuban is a big spending baller, but he's not going out loading his team up with stars, hes got his star Dirk, and hes providing him support like role players Marion, Kidd, Terry.  LeBron made his decision to go to Miami and be part of the big 3 because he "didn't want to be 30 with bad knees and still chasing a ring."  MJ or any other great player would never have joined forces with their competitiors just to win a championship. 

  • Amalie Sæverud

    well, it's ok, Mavs win!

    I like none of its players, none of them are handsome! lol

    but I do like the boss Mark Cuban! he is truly a fighter and passionate man!

  • Amalie Sæverud

    give me a break!

    you do it too if you will ever get the chance!

    but the fact is no body care what you say!

    I claim twice! that just make him more lovely like a human being!

  • Amalie Sæverud

    moist, thighs, that's all you've got to embarrass a girl?

    whenever to lose a verbal fight or any other fight in life with a girl, then you will start to  talk about pussies, talk about wet, talk about moist, talk about thighs?!!!!

    "yeah, I get dicks, both up and down, I can get u girls wet! !!!!!!!! yeah I'm a man!"

    is that really how you fight? pathetic!

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    I think someone is asking our dear Dumb and Dumber hand his testicles to him in a more durable receptacle than what they are currently packaged in.

  • Tahjay
    Tahjay wrote:

    Ronald, you gotta take it easy...She likes Wade, dude's a sexy guy...I'm not gay but I can understand why she follows basketball and not Ice hockey.  I disagree with you about Wade regressing since 2006.  The guy's team has been getting progressively worse since then, not him.  They won that year because they had Shaq, Pat Reily coaching, and a much better group of supporting players....This year they had too many stars, not enough guys who could play their roles, and a little bitch of a coach Spolestra.  

    Let me reiterate, LeBron is all hype, no heart....I hope he never wins a championship 

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