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  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen wrote:
    <p>i found this&nbsp;Dao Club &amp; Adoptaman will take the Blind Date concept to another level.&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="http://www.adoptaman.com/event/en/upcoming_events/read/17th-of-june-the-real-blind-date-party">http://www.adoptaman.com/event/en/upcoming_events/read/17th-of-june-the-real-blind-date-party</a></p> <p>---------------------------------------------------</p> <p>anyone ever been to this place?</p> <p>how about this dating party , i have ni idea.</p> <p>what kind people will go?</p> <p>but wear&nbsp;&nbsp;sunglasses , heared really match me ,&nbsp;</p> <p>haha&nbsp;</p> <p>-----------------</p> <p>anyone anyidea?</p>

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