Discussion » Nonsense » somebody want learn capoeira?

  • kö
    kö wrote:
    <p>i&nbsp; want&nbsp; try....................</p>
  • kö

    swag:  i  cant  teach  you ....coz  i  want  learn   too ..maybe  we  can  go they  place  have  look ?

  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:

    Capoeira is very cool :D I practised during one year in my city. Since my point of view the good things were: samba, hard body work, acrobatics tricks, good songs and music, fellowship, and of course, the Roda hahaha when you jump to the Roda, wow!!! thats the best part, is a very funny game XD
    So come on Afro,  move your pipi and try some, you will not regret :P

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