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  • Will Lee
    Will Lee wrote:

    We are preparing a TVC for a sports meeting. Some actors and actresses are needed:

    Role 1: Discus throwing guy. Strong guy look like professional player and should be young.16-25 years old.

    Role 2: Vollyball gilr. Tall girl who can smashes volleyball and also should be young. If you have any problem of smashing, maybe we can make the volleyball nets lower. 16-25 years old.

    Role 3: Gymnatics girl or rhythmic gymnasts girl. Who can do some movenent of gynnatics are good. 16-25 years old.

    All these roles should be foreigners!!


    My name is Will, a producer. If you can do thoes things, please call me.

    The shooting day is 11th, June. The location is in Bejing.

    Cell: 138 1110 2726

    And if you have some photos, you can mail it to     525693169@qq.com.

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