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    <p>...</p> <p>Hahaha ... met a dear old friend from this site yesterday afternoon, and while we were chatting away, the kid next tabke (maybe 6 yo?) was watching 蜡笔小新 on her iPad ... and based on that, we chatted about how technology has changed us over the years!</p> <p>I recalled when I was doing intership or recently after graduation, we could not work without electricy, but we could do without internet, PC and mobile ... my work was mainframe then, and we used pagers and land-lines ...</p> <p>Then, in the mid and late 90's ... we could not work without computers ... we could barely manage without intermet, and still managed without mobiles, because it was still just a phone back then ...</p> <p>... and she joked that, back then, when one person left to buy some snack or drink, instead of talking like normal human beings, the others in the same dorm room (or office?) would use MSN to ask him to get so and so ...</p> <p>And now, over the past decade, and definitely recently, we could not work without computers nor mobiles, and most definitely Internet ...</p> <p>Recent news said that, scientists can now interpret (or translate) our brain waves, and we joked that in the future, there is no need to learn language, as we can all wear a gadget and then we can understand each other without talking...</p> <p>... or driving ... as the car can then drive, park, speed, slow down, all controlled by our brain waves, and then what would be the fun of driving?</p> <p>So ... what would be next? Have the advancing technology caused us to evolve, or are we becoming dependent and our evolution is actually going backwards?</p>
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    DD, if you have interest in that issue, there is a German Philosopher, Ernst Kapp, that talks about all this. In his philosophy of technology, he considers tools and weapons are different forms of 'organ projections' (the same idea that later Marshall McLuhan copy :P)His weird ideas don't let indifferent :)

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    Hahahahaha ... "weird" is kind of my life ... I will look it up ... thanks :)

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    Hahahahaha ... but who could be that cold to you ... call you in a little while :)

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