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  • Olaf G.
    Olaf G. wrote:
    <p>I am since many years in Beijing and when ever i want to rent a new appartment I am constantly annoyed by the agents. Its starts from that they pretend to be privat people in the ads, then they make ads for house which they never had (for example modern appartment 100 sqm for 2500 rmb per month or sth alike) in order to collect numbers, then they show you first the over priced shitty places beause they think that you are too stupid to find sth reasonable and you have to watch with every agent at least 5 appartments until they come up with something reasonable. I think this cheating is annoying and I wonder what kind of ways you found to avoid this hazzle?</p>
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    Hahahahaha ... gentlemen, like most of those sex and race threads, have we not been here before?

    I am really curious ... have the two of us been very lucky and never met a really bad agent, or have we been too annoying and picky during house hunting (and as tenants) that most agents dont dare to call back?

    I agree that most of them are not professional, perhaps to the verge of being stupid, but I did find that if you are very particular and careful, you can find a nice and reliable agent, who could then point you out to a very desirable apartment, even if not the best one in the market ...  

    Again, I have mostly heard complaints from non Chinese, or non Asian, and my only conclusion (sorry if this sounds rude) is that the general stereotype that non Asians are loaded with cash ...

    ** sorry, more later **

  • V. Bilrost
    V. Bilrost wrote:

    They wont be called agents  if they stop annoying. I hate this business (in China), not everyone in this business.

    I suggest you seek landlords, despite it's rather hard and time-consuming. Ask your Chinese friends to look for on some websites, forums...

  • Simen Wangberg

    Directly dealing with the landlord is the way to go, although it's no guarantee. Agents will screw you over time and again, even the "better" ones. There are some diamonds in the rough - the first two agents I dealt with were actually really helpful and relatively free of deceit - but most of them are scumbags. Tread with caution.

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    Stupid question: I have not directly dealt with landlords before, but I would think the contract is still requried, no?

    I still suggest the same following ...

    1. bring a friend ... someone who can read, even if not fully understand a Chinese contract

    2. have a checklist, either in your head or in writing ... for example, I made it a rule that the direction (which way the sun shines), the tidiness of toilet and kitchen are MUST check ...

    3. have a consistent requirement, what are MUST HAVE and what are NICE TO HAVE ... you might meet hundreds of agents, and some of them repeatedly, and they might question you if you change your mind too much ...

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    Hahahahaha ...

    It looks like majority of people agreed that a lot of the agents are annoying, and I was just thinking, perhaps we cannot really FIND non-annoying agents, but only avoid the annoying ones, so similar to what BJNJY said, maybe use a temporary pre-paid phone card ... even better if your phone has the function (or software) to block off phone numbers, or intentionally give out false phone numbers ...

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  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    (continued) ... roger, Roger!

  • Olaf G.
    Olaf G. wrote:

    I have been quite lucky in the end. Last time I found an apartment with the help of friends and the landlord even came to change the broken bulps when he received the cash.

    The idea to tell the agent clearly what you want does not help at all. Lets say I tell them what I only come to see an apartment if it is: a.) two rooms (bed room and living romm)  b.) not more than 15 min walking from the next subway station c.) between 3000 and 4000 Yuan. Thats what i did two years ago. Then they called me and said: "We found exactly what you are looking for. Would you like to see it?" Then it is rotten 3 room appartment 30 min from next subway for 5000. Okay, I think. Maybe they missunderstood something (actually everything) since my chinese is not so great. So I let a friend explain them. One day later, same thing happened. Its not that i have nothing better to do than visiting appartments  which dont suit to my need. So I tell them: "If you show me one more time something wrong, I will change to another agent, ok?" - "okay!". Next day same thing. I ask them to not call me anymore. Still every day for one week they keep on calling me.

    I think one of the problems is that the agents simply dont know the places which they want to rent. I notice that many different had some problems to find the appartments.

  • Ejdnzlaj
    Ejdnzlaj wrote:

    Yeah, a lot of the time they've definitely never seen the apartment before. 

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