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    Mandarin-Connections wrote:
    <p>Summer vacation is coming and it&rsquo;s definitely time for you to relax and enjoy the time free from school stress! But it should also be time for you to improve your school grades, especially if your performance at the tests is not just very satisfying. And we are there to help you with it! For the coming summer vacation, we have designed some special courses for international school students which represent the following features:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>暑假到来啦!我们要放松!我们要旅行!我们要???!!!</p> <p>要学习!要拿到更多的A!要更满意的OFFER!</p> <p>我们的暑假在精彩的同时,更多了一份充实!</p> <p>我们需要一直进步,我们需要领先一步!</p> <p>新学期的我们会更加从容自信!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&bull;精深系统的知识体系,精彩耐心地分析讲解</p> <p>Reviewing and previewing the lessons of last and next semester aiming at helping you solve the key problems of each subject;</p> <p>&bull;完全针对考试大纲,更有针对性</p> <p>Self-edited materials focused on studying the real test papers which should give you directions on handling the key points of the tests;</p> <p>&bull;富有经验的明星教师</p> <p>Experienced teachers from international schools (including IBO examiner), renowned universities and institutes;</p> <p>&bull;优惠的价格</p> <p>Good price: Almost only half the rate we normally charge;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Join us and have a not only joyful, but also successful summer vacation!</strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>■<strong>Time</strong></p> <p>Term 1: 4 th July &ndash; 24th July</p> <p>Term 2: 25th Jul &ndash; 14th Aug</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>■<strong>Curriculum Arrangements</strong></p> <p>&bull;<strong>IBDP for DP1/DP2 students</strong></p> <p>English</p> <p>Physics</p> <p>Math</p> <p>Chinese</p> <p>Economics</p> <p>B&amp;M</p> <p>Biology</p> <p>Chemistry</p> <p>TOK</p> <p>&bull;<strong>A-LEVEL for AS/A2 students</strong></p> <p>Math</p> <p>Physics</p> <p>Chemistry</p> <p>Econ</p> <p>Business Studies</p> <p>&bull;<strong>MYP/IGCSE for G7-G9 students</strong></p> <p>Chinese</p> <p>Math</p> <p>Humanity</p> <p>English</p> <p>Science</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The subjects can be combined freely according to your need. The more subjects you take, the lower the rate. For more details please visit: www.chinamcedu.
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    ■Discount policies

    a) 5% discount for application before 20 June, 2011;

    b) 5% discount for group-application (3 and above applicants);

    *The above policies cannot be used at the same time;







    Lynd: 010-85997183  1520 1669 114

    Shelly: 010-80462765  15601367013


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