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  • Fernando Fidanza
    Fernando Fidanza wrote:
    <p>Hello everybody, <br /><br />CD Blues Caf&egrave; just called me and told me that my show is off because they FORGOT that they already booked another band. <br /><br />I'm sorry for all the problems I gave you, disappointed because I was looking forward to it and angry because is always like this, people who act as professionals ruin people's love for music. <br /><br />There will never be hope if people like this control the musical scene. <br /><br />SO WHAT!</p>
  • Fernando Fidanza

    Hi :) if we go on cheering up nothing is ever gonna change. At least let's start to blame in public the people who are responsible:)

    Obviously I will go on , I love music and I will give you all the best emotions ever!

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